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Mushroom Saute

Mushroom Saute




Mushroom Saute:

Button Mushrooms
Olive oil (for the pan)
Sea Salt and pepper
Champagne vinegar
Olive oil (for the vinaigrette)
Fresh Thyme


Preheat pan medium high. Toss in olive oil pouring around edges. When it has just started smoking, toss in dry room temperature mushrooms. Don’t overcrowd, allow mushrooms to caramelize, don’t stir until you see brown & crispy. Toss in some roughly cut shallots, sea salt & fresh pepper. Add champagne vinegar from the outside. This maintains heat. Give it all a nice gloss and then add a pat of butter then sprinkle of olive oil. Finally move it to a dish and add fresh thyme. Perfection! Toodle-Oo,

Created by Mama G