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Enchiladas Are Happy Food

Enchiladas Are Happy Food


Chicken Enchiladas
Prep Time: 3

Cooking Time: 40 min

Technique is the key to a successful dish:

1. Properly cooked chicken can make or break an entire dish.


2. For full flavor, never toss raw onions into a dish. – sauté them. Everything at your fingertips. See… I’ve got you covered.

3. Use a large cast-iron pan to cook the chicken. Once you have done this, no need to clean it. You want to use this pan to place the prepared enchiladas in. The flavor bits from the cooked chicken will elevate flavor… Yum, yum!
NOTE: Cast-iron pans are inexpensive. You can a 15″ for about $20.00

4. Canned chilies and canned tomatoes will work in this recipe also. Fresh charred is the best for greatest flavor.

5. If you are heat sensitive, use 1 less chili in dish.

6. Store bought cream cheese will work. Use my recommendation of Einstein Brothers for greatest flavor.


7. How to char roast. Use a cast-iron pan. Place a piece of foil in the pan. Pre-heat pan on medium high. Place chili peppers on top of foil. Rotate chilies. Char until they collapse and turn dark. Times will vary. Once done, lift foil from pan. Close foil with chilies inside. Allow to steam, about 15 minutes. Remove chilies and pull the char black off as much as possible. Never remove the stem before charring.

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“Happy Food To Eat”

With love, Mama